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Palladium-1080X Black/Red



Palladium-1080X  Black/Red
Palladium-1080X Black/Red
Model: GMPAL1080X26BR
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A Great Gaming Rig and Company

Monday, July 25, 2016

While I did not purchase my Cybertron PC from Amazon, I did want to write a brief review of this particular model, that I bought directly from the manufacturer. The PC I eneded up purchasing is the same one here, with some minor differences. I added a Creative sound card, that as it turns out, I didn't really need, as the onboard Realtek works just great for general stereo purposes. I also decided to get a 500gb ssd drive, and use the 1TB drive as a storage drive. I bought this PC to replace my old gaming PC which I built myself many years ago. It was an XP machine with an older Nvidia graphics card, that was just getting too long in the tooth to handle modern computer games anymore, without dropping framerates, stuttering, and the occasional ctd's, ect. I really didn't feel like building my own this time, so spent a little time researching assemblers and reviews on a prebuilt, or custom PC this time. I was reading a lot of good things about Cybertron, and after a lot of searching, they also seemed to be pretty reasonable with their prices as well. Yup, you can always save money by building your own, but I didn't want to go that route this time, and also wanted to have the peace of mind, of having the builder back up their product, and have tech support available if I wanted/needed it.My PC arrived in a very heavy duty thick Cybertron cardboard box, with several expansion foam supports holding it securely in the center of the spacious box. Inside the computer itself, there were also two expansion foam supports, securely holding the large GTX 1080 GPU in place....awesome. All the manuals, and software that came with the installed components were in the box, in a nice heavy zip-locked bag.Setting up, and starting up the computer was a breeze, and the two 120mm red led lighted fans, along with the neat red led top case light, really set off the aggressive look of the case. I was amazed at how whisper quiet this computer is, especially when compared to my older rig....I really have to put my ear right up against it, to hear anything running. While I presently don't have any super graphically intensive games, like Witcher 3 yet, to test the card, I have run X3TC and AP which were giving my old rig some fits, and they both look amazing on this computer. I can crank all the settings up to max, and the fan GPU never changes speed at all. Space never looked so good. Everything is near instantaneous with the Intel Corre i5 processor. Start-up, opening/closing programs, surfing the internet, you name it....very, very fast.Regarding their tech support, I can even relate good news there. Upon starting up my new computer, I noticed I could not find the 1TB storage drive. It wasn't showing up in My Computer, and just couldn't seem to find a way to get it working. I am new to Win10, so I was a little frustrated to say the least. I opened the case to make sure it was hooked up to the seta cable and had power, and it did, so I checked the bios, upon start-up, and it showed up there, so the computer did have it powered up and installed, but Win10 couldn't seem to find it. At anyrate, I called the toll free Cybertron tech support number that was supplied on a large sheet with all my computer literature, and had someone on the other end of the line in less than 5 minutes, and I could understand him clearly! ;-) Within another five minutes, he had the new drive formatted and running, and I was all set. Can't beat that for a great response. That really made me happy, because, part of the reason I bought this computer, rather than put my own together, was just *this*.Anyway, all-in-all, I can say from at least my experience with Cybertron so far, I am really happy with them, and the computer I purchased from them. If you're in the same boat, looking for a new gaming computer, and are wondering what builders out there are trust worthy, and dependable, I can say these guys are definitely one of them. Buy with confidence.


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