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Forge A4 Barebone 8GB 1TB No O/S



Forge A4 Barebone 8GB 1TB No O/S
Forge A4 Barebone 8GB 1TB No O/S
Model: BB1263C
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Friday, July 01, 2016

GET IT, its a amazing PC for my use case which is UDA construction suite.

Does not accept additional hardware. I added a USB ...

Friday, April 15, 2016

Does not accept additional hardware. I added a USB card and a SATA II 4 x PCI RAID Host Controller Card. Though both came with drivers, neither will continue to work.

Good for many, not for me.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

I have purchased several Cybertron computers lately and have been pleased. This last purchase however has cooled my views on the machines. When going to add a second drive, which I consider imperative when using a Windows OS, it was clear that the tower case computer is very hostile to adding or changing anything. There are no extra SATA controller ports and no extra power leads from the power supply. It is pretty much impossible to do anything with this box and that is a shame. To even add a hard drive you would have to take off the front panel, take out 4 screws (one of my was stripped so it could not be removed) and then slide out the tray that holds the current hard drive. I did not add a hard drive because you can't - I was wanting to replace the hard drive with a 4TB Hitachi drive, which I understand to be the most reliable of all storage drives on the market today.I could not even get the original drive out and just left it in the machine, i have plenty of drives as I build servers for a data center for a livelihood and I am using this very low cost computer as a server which they were not really intended for. Servers don't have to be super fast but they need to be rock solid reliable. Also, you want the hardware to be recognized by the OS you are installing. At least the network interface would be nice but with this hardware I have to download and install the network driver when using a Windows OS. I believe Linux has no such issues. In conclusion, we will have to look elsewhere for a more suitable (and more expensive) source for our servers.

Great Buy

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Great Product ! Good Value for money

Hey LINUX Fans,Love it !!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hey LINUX Fans,Love it !!Great computer , does not come with UEFI as the default configuration. Has cool BIOS settings that allow you to choose setup for various Operation Systems. Could run Windows on this computer as well.Original installation Ubuntu 12.04 switched to full installation of Windows 10 (both worked great).Performance is good - based on the system buildComputer Manufacturers take note: Windows is not the only operating system (for the PC)

it is probably the best I have ever bought

Sunday, September 06, 2015

I've read a few reviews that indicated they had problems with installing linux (various flavors) and have had other issues. I have to say that despite the fact this is only a 2 core cpu computer, it is probably the best I have ever bought! I was able to install Linux without a hitch - not a single error and no endless installation loop (I took out the install CD as soon as it was done...). I am, after about a year of constant power on use (as a private NAS, Web server, ftp server, and personal desktop - and it's not even designed as such) finally upgrading it for other purposes. It's now a simple desktop again (after buying a used dedicated server) and I'm looking to turn this still great computer into a live-streaming video production computer.Yes, it's not a top of the line gaming computer - but there are more things to do with a computer than killing brain cells.

Five Stars

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I love this item enjoying very much !

Nice Upgrade for Your Money

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I recently upgraded to this PC (except I bought it through, same PC, different site. Anyway, after having a Dell laptop since spring '09, this was a must-needed upgrade. I play some graphics-intensive MMOs and even though I can't run the best graphics, this is still an amazing upgrade from my junky laptop.We've bought 2 systems, the first one came fine--no problems booting up, installing our OS, and other programs. The second arrived DOA, but after talking with a very helpful customer service rep from CybertronPC, they expedited another system to us within a week at no extra cost, even paid for return shipping!I'd say if you're looking for an affordable desktop computer, give one of these barebones desktops a try. You can even pay for upgrades later yourself to make it your own. :)

Don't listen to the first reviewer

Friday, May 30, 2014

The computer came as expected, without a single part broken or malfunctioning.Installation was a breeze using the included Drivers & Utilities disk.Simple Plug N Play operation.Pros:Very well put together and very cleanWorks flawlesslyCons:Company shipped a box, within a bigger box, within a bigger box, effectively costing me alot more on my freight and duty, as I live int he Bahamas, and deal with horrible customs and consumer prices.All in all, a great easy to use product, just wish the company would use smaller boxes.

CybertronPC Customer Service says: Monday, August 18, 2014

Kendall,Thank you for choosing CybertronPC - not just once, but twice!We regret that one of the systems wasn't functional when it arrived. While we perform extensive testing and burn-in on our systems, the occasional issue still occurs. We're glad that our Customer Service Team was able to assist you to your satisfaction. If you ever have questions or need assistance, the systems have free lifetime technical support, so please don't hesitate to contact us again. Regarding upgrades and expansions to the unit, please be aware that the proper installation of any component - internal or external - that does not damage the system will *not* void your warranty on the computer.Thank you again for choosing CybertronPC!

CybertronPC Customer Service says: Monday, June 02, 2014

Elmer Lowe,We're glad you enjoy your new system. Thank you for your feedback regarding the packaging. We take all such input seriously, and will use it in future considerations.


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